Design & Manufacturing

Aerospace Semiconductor’s commercial aviation, space, defense and mining markets demand a broad range of capabilities to successfully deliver semiconductor circuit solutions reliably to our valued customers.  We are fully capable of a turnkey design and manufacturing of high performance circuits for a variety of substrates, packages and using assembly techniques all aimed at providing our customers with the performance they demand.

Our in-house capabilities include:

Electrical Testing

DC & AC Testing
Temperature Testing
Data Recording


Vacuum solder seal oven
Seam Seal
Cap Welding
Ceramic Lid/Epoxy
Glob Top


Thick Film – Alumina, BeO, AlN
Thin Film – Alumina, BeO
Direct Bond Copper
Polyimide, G10, Flex

Design and Manufacturing

Chip & Wire Hybrids
Multi Chip Modules
Surface Mount Hybrids
Chip On Board
Power Hybrids
Custom Packaging
Legacy Components


Die Attachment; Epoxy, Solder, Eutectic
Wirebonding; Gold & Aluminum Ball Wedge, 1 to 20 mils wires, high speed automated bonder
Surface Mount
Plastic ecapsulation/over-mold


Constant Acceleration
Temperature Cycling
Hermetic; Fine and Gross Leak Check
Burn In

From testing to design to screening and more, if you need semiconductors appropriate for harsh operating environments, we’ve got the ability to supply them. Contact us today to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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