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Aerospace Semiconductor’s expertise, experience and design and production processes have permitted it to successfully partner with customers in 4 challenging markets.  These markets present both unique and common environmental challenges for semiconductor circuitry.  Extreme temperatures, high vibrations, unusual accelerations, challenging storage conditions, and difficult maintenance and repair scenarios require exacting design and precise manufacturing.  Aerospace Semiconductor routinely provides electronic circuit design solutions to these markets.

Commercial Aviation

Aerospace Semiconductor is proud to provide electronic circuits to the commercial aviation market, suitable for use in the most delicate operations involved in taking off, flying, and landing a plane full of passengers.

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Space is one of the harshest operating environments currently known to man. Aerospace Semiconductor takes pride in producing components suitable for the airless, weightless environment found in the space market.

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Circuit functionality in military applications is often the difference between life and death; the success or failure of a mission. At Aerospace Semiconductor, we take pride in providing the highest quality components to the defense market.

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Circuits and components used in mining and drilling applications are subjected to high heat and vibration. Subpar components fail in such situations. Aerospace Semiconductor provides the mining market with electronic components suitable for the harshness of the industry.

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