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Some customers bring Aerospace Semiconductor, Inc. a concept and ask us to provide complete design and manufacturing services.  Others have a schematic for a design for us to complete, or perhaps an existing product they need to have miniaturized.  Or, they already have a complete, detailed design and wish to employ us for its manufacture.

Regardless of the starting point, Aerospace Semiconductor utilizes the same, proven development process to produce high quality components, in a reliable manner, to meet our customers’ needs.

The Aerospace Semiconductor, Inc. Development Process

Our Development Process Explained

Aerospace Semiconductor’s development process leads us and you along a clear and concise path towards satisfying your hybrid semiconductor needs.

  • First, our development process starts with an intensive confirmation of your requirements and a preliminary prototype design during which we solicit your input. Our goal is to work with you closely to minimize negative surprises and costly rework.  The deliverable for these first three steps is a functioning design that meets your requirements.
  • Next, Aerospace Semiconductor designs the production substrate as well as the production process and builds the first set of components. At this point we obtain your approval of the design.
  • With your approval we produce the first production lot, test it, and modify the design as required.
  • After a successful first production lot, along with any modifications, we release the part for full production.

Examples of Hybrids


Multi Chip Module

This hybrid contains 20 digital integrated circuits and 600 wire bonds. The thin film substrate is housed in a 1″ x 1″, 148 lead quad flat pack

Optical Isolators

This hybrid contains 10 optical isolators, 10 integrated circuits, thick film resistors, and ceramic capacitors. The substrate is housed in a 44 pin bathtub package.

Precision Analog Hybrid

This analog circuit contains 4 integrated circuits, 7 transistors, 4 capacitors, and precision thick film resistors with ratios of 0.1%. The substrate has 36 J leads attached and is protected by a ceramic cover (not shown).

Round Hybrid

This hybrid contains two integrated circuits, precision thin film resistors, thick film resistors, and capacitors. The substrate is soldered to pins in a 0.8″ bolt circle.

Aerospace Semiconductor combines a proven process with a drive to design hybrid circuits that meet or exceed your needs.  Call Aerospace Semiconductor today at 978-688-1299 to explore the ways that we can solve your hybrid semiconductor circuit problems.

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